Angles And Curves

Mixing up angles with curves is hard for me. I tend to pull away from straight lines and hard angles, much preferring the softness and flow of curved lines and splodges. I do it though, to experiment, push my comfort zone and see what happens, sometimes with very interesting results.

The first image is my favourite, which do you like the most?

Wordless Wednesday

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30 Second Sketches

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The sketchbook is a place to play, experiment, have fun and practice. I love doing pages of fast sketches. Using a very small time limit for each sketch takes the pressure off of making a study sketch look perfect and forces me to look at the very basics of what makes that object recognisable. It’s also an exercise that I can always make time for even if I don’t have the time to sit and fill a whole page in one go.

I’m not allowed to fiddle with the sketch for too long and ruin it, I don’t have time to use an eraser and to encourage me to think about how every line I make needs to count towards the drawing (I gernerally use pen for these super quick sketches anyway so that I can’t erase). I find this really helps to get me started creating and having fun with it, it’s a great ‘warm up’ exercise for setting up the art mood and switching my brain over into that creative space.

I have a thing for circles and the curved lines and alternative takes that they take me to. I don’t know what it is about them but I find them very satisfying to draw and encorporate into my work. I wanted to draw around them as a predominant focal and ended up working with the positive and negative spaces of the shape to create these experimental drawings in black ink on white paper and white ink on both black and browns.

When it comes to circles I particularly like them in the form of holes. I have a modest collection of hag stones, which are stones that have naturally occuring holes through them. I also really like and find inspiration from dried out seed pods and imagery that would make a trypophobic cringe so these drawings were incredibly satisfying to create and have given me some more ideas for incorporating circular and curved shapes into my abstract work in general.

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Wordless Wednesday

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I didn’t ‘complete’ NaNoWriMo this year. I had mixed feelings on the matter. I was happy to participate, I liked and still like my novel in progress and I remembered how much I still love to write. I feel that taking part this year taught me a lot about how I work now and what I am capable of after being very unsure about whether I had the time or energy to complete it.

NaNo 2019 Taught Me That:

  1. I have a lot of story ideas
  2. I love writing
  3. I have really prolific days writing as long as I only aim to do them a couple of times a week.
  4. I need to interspace writing days with art days.
  5. Interspace got days improves how I write and make art.
  6. Something in the way I worked clicked this year and I have found a much better planning process for my writing now.
  7. I don’t write well when other people are in the house with me.
  8. I definitely want to continue doing NaNo in the years to come.
  9. I will set a smaller goal for myself next time; I’m proud of the 35,250 (ish) words I wrote but the taint of disappointment in not reaching my aim of 50,000 is still there.
  10. I need to be kinder to myself because the amount I managed was awesome!

I’m always glad when these ‘challenges’ are over and I do need to start training my brain to be happy with what I accomplished, which is way more than I had done at the start of the month, rather than chiding myself for what I did not accomplish. That is still a work in progress for me.

Wordless Wednesday

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