NaNo Update


It has been a tumultuous writing week. Some days I have kept well on track and others not so much leading to days of catch up. As I write this on the Sunday I am at a total of 14,508 words, a couple of thousand off of my target for the week. Whether I get more done today is a subject for debate right now. I’m feeling the need for a day off with the kids out with their father and the man beast at work. Today it is just me and the guinea piggles who aren’t the most encouraging of companions though damn, they are cute little balls of fluff.

That said, it has been developing nicely, in that first draft kind of way, where you know that the core of the characters and story are there and doing there thing despite the cringeworthy writing that is making it’s way down on the page, the random nonsensical sentences that mace sense at the time and weird switching from first to third person narrative, which is a thing that I seem to do depending on my mood and what the characters are trying to tell me at any given time combined with my need to get it written down as quickly as possible before it is lost to the ether.

It’s all fun though, I may not hold the same opinion when it comes to the time to rewrite and actually go through the draft to make sense of it in a few months but I am clinging to the enjoyment I get from the first phase in writing a novel right now, the part that I have affectionately dubbed the discovery phase.


Wordless Wednesday


The Writing Box


It’s that time again, time to concentrate, for one month, on a writig project with NaNoWriMo. I’ve participated under another account and username for years (I think since 2012) on and off though this year I wanted to shed my old account and use a new one more specific to me rather than my online persona. With NaNo comes the writing box which has been dusted off as I haven’t really concentrated on a writing project for a while and added to ready for use this month.


I keep this slightly battered purple box stocked up with writing goodies for when I really want to knuckle down on a longer project to set my frame of mind and intention as well as keep all of my writing bits and pieces together for ease of access, use and reference.


This chunky ntebook is where I keep my very early brainstorming and project planning from ideas, themes, plots and character sheets for my stories. This has been a farly recent development for me in my planning process. The first two novel drafts I worked on were not planned in the same way as my latest two projects which I have found have it’s pros and cons. Ideally as I rewrite and edit the last two I want to go back and pull out the planning inforation from them to continue with them as unlike my plans for the latest two I am working on the first two have longer stories and are the first books in series.


Despite the technology available to me I like to hand write my first drafts. I find that the words and ideas tend to flow far better this way and then I tend to use te typing up of the handwritten draft as my first rewrite and edit. It’s what I have found works best for me in the long run even though it takes a little more time. Notebooks are also more portable for me if I want to go out and allow me to write anywhere in the house. I like to get comfy on the sofa and jot things down or grab a pen and paper when things occur to me and I find this doesn’t streamline so well for me when I work digitally.


Along with the notebooks and pens (obviously) for writin I also have a few other bits. A ruler, rubber and pencil for my ideas and planning book, my angel book mark charm that also has a piglet charm on it, which I use to mark key pages in my planning book that I am using, a yellow candle holder and tea lights (I associate the colour yellow with writing work and ideas) and a labradorite crystal, which is my favourite crystal for inspiration and creative motivaation.

So there you have it. After much deliberation I have decided that participating in NaNoWriMo is a thing again for me this year, albeit on a new account. I’m more than happy to connect with buddies on the official site to see what everyone is up to, offer a bit of support and cheer people along. My profile can be found here if you want to connect as writing buddies.

Are you doing NaNo this year? Do you have a writing box? How does your writing process work? Am I part of a dying breed of people that handwrite their draft novels? Feel free to comment with your views and opinions.

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Wordless Wednesday

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