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Catching up with some pictures of my Doodles for days 8 – 14.

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Forgiving yourself is hard

For all the wrongs

You perceive you have done.

Harder still when grief exists

It plays on your mind

Along with all of the ‘what ifs’.

No matter how much time does pass

It looms and taints and hangs

In heart and mind.

Until the day comes

When you hear yourself say,

not a whisper or mutter

but with confidence and faith;

“It wasn’t your fault, I forgive you, it’s ok.”



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Inktober 2019 – Week 1

This is the first time I have ever done the inktober challenge, or even thought about it really. Some might say that I’m not doing it properly given that I am focusing more on what I want to do every day with my own ‘rules’ and restrictions, but whatever, the important thing for me is to do it every day.

Rather than stick to the given prompts for the month I am focusing on creating a doodle a day on a page in my A6 sketchbook in black ink. Each day is started with a small circle in the centre of the page and I have been doodling from there.

My original thought had been to create a mandala a day, however, that went out of the window on the very first day when a strange ‘heart’ doodle came out to play.

Days 1 – 7 inktober doodles:

So why just doodles? Why not follow the prompts? Well it’s not just because I’m somewhat awkward and rebellious! I knew a doodle a day I could do. No matter how much work I have or how much else I have going on this month I can manage a small doodle that takes, at minimum, 10 minutes. If I have longer to spend on it one day, great! If it fills the A6 page, also great! If it’s just a small drawing on the page then that’s great too! It is all about setting that goal, being consistent and achieving it, something which set prompts work against, for me at least, as they add stress and push me into an unhealthy, perfectionist mindset which will ultimately end up with me giving up halfway through. At this point in my life I know, intimately, how my mind works.

Are you doing inktober this year? If so what are your goals and ‘rules’ for it? If not, what is stopping you from trying it out?

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3D81EC46-BA1C-4E36-A744-6028C68EFA64 A few nights ago I had the drawing itch. I was watching Netflix with the Man-Beast and we were just unwinding after busy days when it took hold. One of the best ways, I have found, to scratch that itch when I want to draw but have no subject matter in mind is to doodle. It usually takes on the form of something floral or, more often than not, a mandala as I find them very relaxing and enjoyable to play around with. There’s just something in the repetition and patterns with them that pleases me.

It started with a single design in the center of the page. I thought that would be it. The mandala was sweet and held it’s ground despite all of the empty white space surrounding it… until another appeared. And then another.


Before I knew it we were six episodes into the Netflix series ‘Another Life’ and the A4 page was rapidly filling. It was late, I was tired. I thought that maybe that was it and that it would not get finished, at least not for a long while anyway as I don’t doodle or have that want to doodle anywhere near as often as I used to.

But no.

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that if there’s a post about it here it probably got finished in some shape or form (or I have something to say about it if it did not). In fact I couldn’t leave it alone. My brain wouldn’t allow me to abandon the hours already invested or the ache in my wrist from the repetative action of drawing the details.

Youtube was my poison and the act of drawing my escape from the otherwise befuddling work of organising and working on less creative tasks. I finished it eventually and saw it through, at least until the next evening binge of Netflix paired with the itch to doodle nothing in particular.


Do you enjoy doodling to relax and unwind? If so, what do you usually put down on the page? Mandalas or something else?

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