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It’s a really tough decision to settle on a logo or theme when you are branding yourself, I daresay that goes for allo businesses but when you’re an artist it feels even harder. You would think it would be a simpler affair given the range of imagery created in your practice to choose from but therein lies the problem. Sometimes, too many options, can cause problem and make it very difficult to settle on the one you feel really says something about you and your work.

A few years back I was playing around with my watercolours and creating some new experimental pieces when the, more recently named, Abstract Rainbow Mosaic was born. I knew straight away that I wanted to use it as the eye catching logo for Nemorosa Studio because it encapsulated so much about me and my practice.

I love colours and shapes across the full spectrum. The patterns and composition of this painting were created through intuitive means of playing and letting the process guide me (as I touched on in my last blog post). It plays on things that I am noticing more and more are signature components of my work, specifically diagonal compositions that draw the eye from one corner to another and circular shapes. It also has this ‘mosaic’, ‘puzzly’ feel to it that I adore and reminds me of my very early work in college when I concentrated more on creating series’ of paintings that, while could be viewed and enjoyed as individual paintings were also designed to sit on a wall together and lead into each other as part of a larger work.

Brand Image full editWhile the original Abstract Rainbow Mosaic watercolour is not for sale I have decided to sell various prints of my beloved image on my Redbubble Store! Feel free to check out what’s available and leave a like/follow for the design to show your support!


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SONY DSC I like to think that creativity in all it’s forms is a part of transcendence. Even when we are creating something more directly from an object or place as reference we are putting, as artists, our own self and energy into the piece. The most basic of sketches becomes an extension and interpretation of how we individually view a subject matter and what we feel about it.

I know that when I am sketching something that I don’t find particularly appealing it comes across in the finished study, for example. Not only does the drawing not appeal to me just as the object doesn’t but because of that it doesn’t have that same energy, spark or feeling about it that excites me or other people when they view it.

One of the reasons I love intuitive creativity, and why I utilise it so much when I paint, is because the focus becomes deeply rooted in how the piece feels on it’s journey. The painting becomes about it’s evolution without any real destination in mind. The marks I put down on feel right or wrong and I compensate for that as I work. The painting I end up with, while it may have started inspired by something as a general idea, becomes something else in it’s production. It is a journey over destination process (something that I intend to write a post about in the future separately).

The definition of transcendece is ‘existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level’. I think that whenever we create something and come up with an idea we are connecting with something beyond the normal or physical. When that spark of inspiration hits and our focus on the creation of something comes so easily we transcend into a place of pure creativity and enjoyment.

This painting, titled ‘Transcendence’, is a celebration of that; of following the process, intuitively laying down marks and colour and of allowing the painting to be and take on it’s own life.

Transcendence measures approximately 37.5 x 20 x 1.5cm in acrylic on canvas. The original painting is available for sale for £75 with free basic UK postage through Royal Mail or a courier for an additional fee. International postage will be charged on an individual basis. If you are local to me collection can also be arranged for free. Contact me through my email to buy or for more information: michelwatsonart@gmail.com

Various prints of this painting are also available through my Redbubble Store

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