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SONY DSC …Master Of None. Isn’t that how the saying goes? I worried a lot as I began branching out as an artist that I didn’t have a specific focus or a route that I tended to pour my practice into. While first and foremost I consider myself an anstract painter I do love to explore and experiment with a wide range of techniques and media. This extends out of the range of visual arts as well as I have always had a love for writing and storytelling having spent hours upon hours growing up writing stories and poetry, sometimes to pair with my artistic pieces and sometimes in and of themselves, separate from the visual images I wanted to make.

As I wrote more I also found myself wanting to create illustrations for the stories I was writing, my style in that area being very different from the otherwise loose and fluid, intuitive painting style that makes upthe majority of my practice. This stemmed into ACEOs and card designs as well and while some more abstract designs have become cards in my work they were a small and wonderful way for me to play around putting my own twists on more ‘traditional’ art forms as florals and more generic symbolism popped through.

I created Nemorosa Studio as a name for my ‘brand’ and business so that it would encompass all of my loves. I have gone years only painting, at other times delving more heavily into fiction writing and yet others intermingling the two practices through out my day (which is currently where I seem to be right now).

The point I want to make, however, is not to allow that saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ to hinder where your creative impulses lead you. Just because you consider yourself a painter, it doesn’t mean that you cannot branch out and create in other areas such as writing, poetry or sculpture, for example. Just because you have many areas of interest it does not mean that your work is meaningless, less worthwhile or not as good as someone who dedicates all of their practice on the one thing. In fact, in my experience I have found it to be wonderful for my creative practice and inspiration to move organically through different areas .

Don’t spend years thinking you cannot make good paintings unless all you do is paint, or that you cannot write good fiction unless all you concentrate on is writing fiction. Instead embrace all aspects of your practice and all of your creative impulses, allow them to influence one another and enrich each activity you take a part in and you will reap the benefits in your life.


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